Images of Hope for Invisible Illness Awareness Week

As you may already be aware September 10 – September 16 is ‘Invisible Illness Awareness Week’ and as part of this fantastic campaign they are asking for people battling chronic invisible illness to share pictures that brings hope.  This can be anything from a photograph depicting a favourite place, a pet, flowers…anything which provides hope!  So, as I have been unwell lately and have not been able to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge, I thought I would share some pictures that bring me hope!

My beautiful dog Honey who provides comfort, laughs, cuddles and kisses during times of illness and being bed-ridden!


This is a picture of Honey on ‘Rhiann Watch’ on a day in which I was in bed due to severe dizziness and incredible weakness in my legs. Was home alone so Honey saw it has her duty to keep me company and make sure all is well!


I love sunflowers, all flowers really! They are really pretty to look at – and sunflowers especially. At a recent ‘Life 4 Living’ group session we were asked to visualise sunflowers as part of a stress relieving exercise – which really does work!


And for all of you who know me – know that I really love butterflies!! I find them really inspiring for all that they represent and stand for. They are the epitome of change and growth

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