About Me…

Thank you for visiting my blog and for reading my story. My name is Rhiann. Approximately two years I was diagnosed with what is called a long-standing brain stem lesion and spastic paraparesis. Which basically means that I have scarring on the brain stem which, for me causes chronic dizziness with frequent episodes of vertigo with visual disturbances. The spastic paraparesis causes stiffness and weakness in the legs, making it uncomfortable when walking and means that I am unable to stand for very long.

Although, I was only diagnosed 2 years, I have had this since I was born, although the doctors are unsure of how it happened. Although, I have always had problems throughout my childhood and through my teenage years, I was able to still gain a BSc Psychology, but now my condition has deteriorated a lot….

Join me as I talk about my condition, how it affects my daily life, as well as how I am feeling, and how I am trying to find my place in the world and figuring out how I am going to participate in it….

If you like the blog and would like to just leave me a message or a comment regarding anything then please fill out the form below and I will get back to you!

Thank you x






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