Hospital appointments met with relief or trepidation?

Well, have finally received my appointment to see a neurological consultant – all set for August 20th!!  After a long 28 weeks the appointment has come through, and all set for another hospital appointment.


Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 15.47.15
Hospital appointment finally!


It’s funny though isn’t it when symptoms associated with your chronic illness, such as pain, dizziness, headaches, and so on are getting worse; becoming so troublesome that there is nothing to do but to visit the doctor, and get the referral to see a consultant.  Meanwhile, the symptoms are still becoming worse, and you are hoping for that hospital appointment to come through because of the suffering; which by now is probably not only starting to affect your physical health but also your mental health, such as increased anxiety (for example, worrying about your symptoms) and depression


Then, that envelope finally drops on the door mat – for a second, there is a feeling of relief; a relief that the wait is almost over, and that you may finally get answers regarding the deterioration of symptoms.  However, that sense of relief is overtaken by one of dread, and anxiety.  Dread because of the unknown – you are unsure of what the appointment will entail, not knowing what the examination will entail.  Then there is the anxiety about what information will be gathered from the appointment and examination, and the final results.  What will the tests find?  Is it bad?  Will my condition get worse in time?  Those are some of the questions that you will inevitably ponder before a hospital appointment.


The sinking feeling in the stomach as that letter arrives with the hospital's logo!!
The sinking feeling in the stomach as that letter arrives with the hospital’s logo!!



Then there is all the preparation prior to the appointment, such as compiling a list of questions that you want to ask the consultant.  Completing a form with some pre-appointment questions that the consultant sent to fill out.  Filling out a journal regarding the symptoms such as frequency, length and so on.

But for now I just have to wait for that important date with some relief and a little trepidation…



5 thoughts on “Hospital appointments met with relief or trepidation?

  1. I think whatever the outcome, it is always better to know than not to know what is wrong. Not to know is the worst of all in my opinion. Therefore I hope that they find it out with the tests or whatever they are doing during your hospital appointment.

    • I have only been diagnosed with a long-standing brain stem lesion and spastic paraparesis. Whether there is something else now my symptoms are getting worse, I will have to find out…

    • Yes i see you are now.i just wondered what you are expecting from your appt? I waited 28 weeks for a second opinion after being diagnosed with m.e despite having four brain lesions.m.e nurses disagree due to the severity of new lesions in a year,so that’s good.however doesn’t help when i can’t a recent episode i couldn’t walk for four weeks.tx

      • I have no idea what to expect to be honest. We got the referral back as symptoms have been worsening and no idea why, plus I have been experiencing attacks where I have must my vision which is new so parents want to get it checked out. I am glad that they have found no new lesions, but sorry that you have been left unable to walk. I have experienced attacks like that and know how unpleasant it is. Take care Tracey xx

        And if you ever need someone to talk too; feel free to contact me on

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