WEGO Health Advocating for Another Carnival: Wrap it Up!

Welcome to the final post of the WEGO Health ‘Advocating for Another’ Carnival!  Hope you have all enjoyed the posts of this special week-long blog carnival.  I welcome any comments that you may have and now you can also contact me via email, or even on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Google +

The last prompt of this carnival says:

Put a bow on our Advocating for Another week by sharing what you’ll plan to do going forward.  Free write or choose one of the bonus ideas…

So, what next?  Well, I am certainly going to continue with the blog – writing about life with this condition, problems and the truths behind living with an invisible illness and spreading awareness to others about the reality of invisible illnesses.  I am hoping to continue my work by blogging for the Invisible Illness Awareness Week.  And will take advantage of every opportunity to write that I can, from upcoming WEGO Health projects to the Invisible Illness Awareness Week – they all provide excellent opportunities to blog and spread awareness as well as providing brilliant inspiration on what to write.  The prompts and ideas often challenge us as writers’, often making us better storytellers and writers.

Will also continue using social media along with the blog – Facebook and Twitter to connect with others and hopefully making new friends along the way!

And in my private life, I am hoping that the group I am involved with will continue to grow and thrive, and am looking forward to the new opportunities that will present itself as secretary of the group – we already have so many great plans for the group.  Along with that I will also continue my work as a volunteer and now have been lined up as a potential tutor for courses as well as being asked to produce a newsletter for the Centre.

And all of this whilst trying hard to maintain my health and keeping as well as possible!

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